Open your mind

Feb 27
Episode 9
Worn and Rusted
The Dream of Early Retirement
Most of us dream of an early retirement with toes in the sand and exotic drinks being mixed and served in cabanas. And while freedom and independence ...
Jan 17
Episode 8
New Year's Vigil
Public and private spaces
As the new year begins, many of us are undertaking new endeavors. Sometimes those new ambitions require letting go of the past in order to step into a...
Dec 29
Episode 7
I Hate Being Used
Dealing with adverse situations
Explore the elements of tackling difficult jobs, building character, and dealing with employers in the midst of it all. The frustrations of feeling po...
Dec 22
Episode 6
Every Saturday Morning
How to keep score
If you played sports as a child, you probably remember the challenges of good sportsmanship and how to deal with the emotions of winning and losing. L...
Dec 14
Episode 5
I'm Not Doing Laundry
A journey to the core
We all live with splits and fractures inside ourselves, often without even being aware of the handicaps we're enduring. Follow this unlikely story of ...
Nov 28
Episode 4
This Our Fathers Did For Us
The wealth in gratitude.
Taken from the pages of an antique builders guide, this episode explores an inspiring message about the work men did before us, a gratitude for modern...
Nov 23
Episode 3
One Side of the Fence
A lesson in tradition.
Going into foreign lands and foreign cultures is often disorienting and jarring. Usually we're presented with confusing elements we don't know how to ...
Nov 21
Episode 2
A Menace to Society
Accountability in today's world.
Dating in the modern world with modern technologies is difficult. Anyone who's been doing it for any amount of time will tell you how incredibly drain...
Nov 20
Episode 1
Just Pick Up the Phone
An encore performance.
While driving his car, Dallas picks up his phone and spontaneously records his first podcast episode. His stories about music training in Europe after...